Garment Maintenance Guarantee

We want to insure that you look great with every garment that you purchase from us. That's why we'll provide complimentary maintenance and repairs to you. If you need a seam fixed or a button replaced, or other minor repairs, our tailors will be glad to fix it for you. Should the garment require alterations due to weight fluctuation, we'll make the adjustment at a minimum charge.

Expert Advice

Our trained staff have the expertise to advise you on how to dress appropriately for any occasion. They can be relied upon to insure that you look and feel you best with every garment that you purchase from us.

Gift Certificates

When purchasing one of our Gift Certificates, it will be entered in our database under the customers name. The customer has the luxury of redeeming the G.F. when he or she sees fit, for merchandise only there is no time limit.


If you suddenly spill coffee on your shirt and or tie and you need a replacement, we`ll steam or press the garment right away. If you make a purchase that needs quick alterations we'll be glad to help you.